Purchasing Cooperative


  • Ash Alizadeh, David Erle, Anita Sil, Joseph DeRisi, UCSF Cancer Center
  • SFGF (Mike Fero), Pat Brown
  • John Ngai
  • Christina Jamieson
UC Davis
  • Elva Diaz
Stowers Research Institute
  • Chris Seidel
Washington University
  • Genome Center (Seth Crosby)
  • Pate Skene
Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Paul Fawcett



For infomation about MEEBOChip, please see: our description of the content (PDF), oligo naming conventions, and printing instructions. You can also see the Illumina site, where you can find the data-sheet (PDF) and oligo-annotation file (XLS), or the UCSF Mouse Microarray Consortium, or the UCSF Functional Genomics Core Laboratories.

If you have purchased a MEEBO set and have not been receiving e-mail updates regarding contents, controls, etc., please e-mail me and I will add to the mailing list (no spam).


Ash Alizadeh, Max Diehn, Chris Seidel, Brown Lab, and SFGF

Last updated Friday, March 18, 2005 6:19 PM

Last updated Friday, March 18, 2005 6:19 PM